Debt recovery

The recovery of outstanding invoices is not a matter you wish to be dealing with full-time. Yet, this is a problem on which entrepreneurs regrettably spend substantial time. Calling in a debt collection agency such as Finanza Debt Collection Solutions puts an end to this burden and is furthermore far more cost efficient.

Because dealing with this time-consuming issue is what our entire company structure has been optimised for. For more than 20 years, our committed team of lawyers has been involved in recovering amounts owed to you, the client. This expertise ensures that your debt recovery is in our capable hands.

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Recovery of outstanding invoices

And it turns out that for many of our clients this is certainly no luxury. Some debtors just happen to show little concern for yet another default notice or repeated payment requests by phone. Assistance from a specialist agency such as Finanza Debt Collection Solutions is then required in order to break the stalemate.

This is something in which we have a remarkably impressive track record. Thanks to our years of experience, we speak the same language as the creditor and the debtor and we are familiar with the specific features of a range of industries. This is what we align our strategy to when collecting your outstanding accounts, with an exceptionally high success rate.

Collecting outstanding debt

Not only is our approach effective, it also protects existing business relationships. We approach debtors in a civilised manner and in doing so manage to appropriately solve many unresolved disputes. After all, you wish to prevent a long-term cooperation from ending due to an unfortunate dispute about an invoice.

Does the debtor nevertheless refuse to cooperate in any way? In that case, under no circumstances should your interests be affected. We will do everything in our power to recover the debt and if necessary we will defend your case in court. In the even of a court case, the legal expertise of our lawyers is indispensable.

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Services in the field of debt recovery and collection

Finanza Debt Collection Solutions ensures that you no longer need to worry about outstanding invoices, knowing that an experienced specialist is doing its utmost to realise the best possible outcome for you. This means you can focus on matters that are more important to your company without being distracted by a debt claim.

Are you considering using the services of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions to recover a debt? Please let us know via or call us on 00 31 10 3070961. We will gladly advise you on the optimal course of action.