Debt collection

Collecting unpaid invoices is a thorn in the side of any entrepreneur. Because you have to either pursue this yourself, or your financial department has to deal with this full-time. And often unsuccessfully. The specialists of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions prove that there is an alternative way.

We can take the job of debt collection off your hands in a professional way thus ensuring that you can at last successfully settle any long-outstanding cases. For example, do you have specific long-term outstanding claims? Then leave those to us for we will deploy more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise to collect funds owed to you as quickly as possible.

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Collecting debt after default notice or payment reminder

That our services are absolutely necessary in our present society appears from the many legal disputes that entrepreneurs and their customers get bogged down in. Debtors are not always keen on paying and frequently there are misunderstandings about aspects such as the agreed deadline for payment or the height of the sum to be paid.

The consequence? The customer postpones payment or even decides not to honour its commitments at all. A situation that brings neither party anywhere. Calling in an independent agency such as Finanza Debt Collection Solutions ensures that communications with your customer can be reopened and the process of collecting the debt can commence.

Collecting outstanding invoices

Communication is a vital part of our approach and a major pillar of our success. We maintain short lines of communication with you as client so that you are always assured an easily accessible contact person who can answer all your questions. We are also in frequent contact with the non-paying party in order to find a solution that is satisfactory to all those involved.

And how successful are we? Statistics simple reveal that we successfully settle many cases deemed complicated. This is a weight off the shoulders of you the client and you will receive the funds that you have looked forward to for a long while. Debt collection just happens to become a great deal easier if you commission this to a specialist.

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Debt collection is an art in itself

Debt collection is not only a heavy burden on the administrative department of your company but it is moreover a specific discipline that requires knowledge of legislation and finances. In complex situations in particular, this expertise is indispensable to realise the desired outcome as quickly as possible.

Have you had enough of trying to collect numerous outstanding invoices and do you want to focus on matters that contribute to the growth of your company? Then please arrange a free consultation meeting with Finanza Debt Collection Solutions. Please call us on 00 31 10 3070961 or send an email to