Debt collection solicitor

In the past years, numerous companies have learnt through trial and error. Despite repeated promises, some customers still fail to pay their outstanding invoices. Is this a situation that you are familiar with? Then calling in a specialist debt recovery solicitor can prevent a great deal of worry.

Finanza Debt Collection Solutions is the very expert in the Netherlands when it comes to debt collection laws and has already assisted many companies in recovering sums due to them. With more than 20 years of experience in this line of business, we now exactly how to efficiently represent your interests and which strategies will lead to the best outcome.

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Calling in a debt collection solicitor

Surprisingly, a strategy that focuses on the most aggressive approach is not always the most effective one. In many cases this may have an adverse effect, resulting in the customer, out of obstinacy, refusing to pay at all. That is why we at Finanza Debt Collection Solutions believe a diplomatic approach is crucial. This means that you maintain a good relationship with your clients and you are at the same time assured of a maximum outcome.

Do you wonder whether such an approach indeed has the desired effect? The answer is yes as the success rate of our agency is considerably higher than average. Also with regard to customer relations we distinguish ourselves in a positive way – throughout every debt recovery process our debt collection solicitor will keep you fully informed. In this way you are always aware of what is going on.

The best solicitors fight your corner

An extensive knowledge of laws and regulations is of vital importance to optimally represent your financial interests. For this reason Finanza Debt Collection Solutions only employs debt collection solicitors with proven knowledge and experience in this field. As a result you can count on the best possible advice and creative solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems.

Calling in a solicitor from Finanza Debt Collection Solutions not only assures you of the maximum feasible outcome but it also makes your life considerably easier. You and your employees no longer need to be involved in debt collection yourselves, giving you more time to do what you are good at – running a business.

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Debt collection solicitor specialising in the law on debt collection

The law on debt collection is a complex judicial system of which some customers try to take advantage. In that case it is good to be able to rely upon the assistance of an expert debt collection solicitor who knows precisely what the threats are and which next steps need to be taken immediately.

Pass the burden onto Finanza Debt Collection Solutions and contact our experienced debt collection solicitor today. Please call 00 31 10 3070961 or send an email to for details of the extensive possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.