Debt collection lawyer

Complex judicial legislation and financial regulations are not for everyone. That is no problem as you can always turn to a professional debt collection lawyer to assist you in such matters. The experienced lawyers of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions will gladly help you in recovering outstanding funds and will defend your rights.

Practice shows that this is necessary increasingly often as the number of defaulting debtors in the Netherlands is on the rise. Arrears in payments accumulate and creditors see their prospects of repayment diminish by the day. A debt collection lawyer from Finanza Debt Collection Solutions will help you prevent the above-mentioned scenario and promptly receive that to which you are entitled.

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Calling in a debt collection lawyer

How we do this? With a unique approach that has meanwhile amply proved its effectiveness. For more than two decades we have been able to secure the best outcome for our clients and our success rate is higher than that of many other agencies in the Netherlands. Our secret? A diplomatic way of communication that does not scare off your customers but in fact retains them.

For let’s be honest – not every customer who pays late is by definition a defaulter. Sometimes things simply do not go as planned. Our debt collection lawyer not only knows how to safeguard your interests from a legal perspective, he also ensures that by means of clear agreements your customer will tend to pay sooner without any resentment. A win-win situation for all parties involved!

Law on debt collection: a complicated discipline

Not all outstanding amounts, however, can be claimed by means of a pleasant way of communicating. With long-outstanding debts or long-drawn-out disputes the situation can at a certain stage become intolerable. A sound knowledge of the law on debt collection is in such cases crucial to obtain that to which you are entitled.

The debt collection lawyer of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions is aware of all legislative loopholes and knows exactly which legislation your customer could take advantage of. By acting quickly and through regular consultation with you, we can stay ahead of the situation and you can be assured that from a legal point of view you are in a very strong position.

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Debt collection lawyer with a passion for the profession

One of the first things you will notice when doing business with Finanza Debt Collection Solutions is the extra available time that you can enjoy. Chasing up outstanding debts and defaulting customers is namely a job that before you know it will use up an incredible amount of time and money. Our debt collection lawyer will be more than happy to take on this task for you.

Do you also want to experience what it is like to have the weight of having to recover debts taken off your shoulders? Then let our expert debt collection lawyer represent your financial interests. Please contact us immediately on 00 31 10 3070961 or send an email to for further information about our services.