Debt collection agency

Is your customer refusing to pay or is there a dispute about the amount of the outstanding invoice? These are difficult matters that can sometimes take a long time to settle. In that case it is recommended to call in the services of a debt collection agency. This avoids unnecessary time spent on recovering your invoices and increases the chance of a favourable outcome.

Finanza Debt Collection Solutions is a renowned debt collection agency with years of experience. We work for a satisfied client base that operates in various industries. This is why we know exactly which issues are involved in a particular industry and what is the best way to find a solution with the non-paying party.

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Calling in a debt collection agency

Calling in a debt collection agency, however, certainly does not need to be the last resort. Debt recovery activities are after all time consuming and require substantial financial and human resources. The sooner you call in Finanza Debt Collection Solutions, the sooner we can achieve your goals and the less time and money you waste.

Despite the high effectiveness of our agency, you certainly need not fear damaging relations with your customer. Our open and transparent way of communication ensures a favourable solution to payment disputes. Thus the customer does not harbour any negative feelings after the debt collection process and you can continue cooperation undisturbed in the future.

Specialist agency for all your debt collection matters

Sometimes all you payment reminders and default notices lead nowhere. In that case undertaking legal proceedings is unavoidable. The qualified lawyers of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions are familiar as no other with the finer details of debt collection legislation and know how to utilise these to your advantage.

We will represent your interest in court and ensure that you obtain what is lawfully owed to you. This extent of knowledge and commitment is not a matter of course with all debt collection agencies. Our solicitors will not rest until a solution has been found with which you are completely satisfied.

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Debt collection agency for the best results

Our mission not only results in exceptionally high customer satisfaction, but also in an extremely high success rate when it comes to the final settlement of problem cases. If you are seeking a debt collection agency that will finally put an end to that one long-term case, then Finanza Debt Collection Solutions can be of assistance.

Do you wish to receive further information about the services of our debt collection agency or wish to receive no-obligation advice tailored to your particular needs? Then please contact Finanza Debt Collection Solutions via or call one of our specialists immediately on 00 31 10 3070961.