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Legal knowledge & Expertise That's why we get the job done

Where others say it is not possible, we accept the challenge and use our creativity, legal knowledge and great expertise to achieve our ultimate goal. Which is to uncover and collect any outstanding debt. Our seasoned collection attorneys at our in-house law firm can provide additional legal incentives to recover the money your clients owe. If needed we will go all the way to court to make sure our clients get what they are entitled to.

We ensure a constant and healthy cash-flow

A steady and healthy cash-flow is a prerequisite for every business. Credit issues have a big impact on businesses of all sizes. Unpaid invoices affect profits, potential profitability and cash-flow. At Finanza, we understand how important it is to act quickly to recover debts owed.

Debt collection done professionaly

Debt collection has to be done with a professional approach, to maintain the goodwill between your client and yourself. We are one of the Netherlands leading specialist collection agencies. We pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations, and providing world class service to all of our clients.

High succes rate & client satisfaction

Debt collection is our core business. Thanks to our respectful and honest approach as well as our leading experience and expertise in the field of debt collection, we succeed in bringing collection files to a successful conclusion. This is the secret to our high success rate and unusually high level of client satisfaction.

“Finanza has provided the quality of work we expect from an outside debt collection agency. Excellent performance has been shown in regard to customer service, reports, recoveries, inquiries and responsiveness to our everyday needs.”

Alexander Smith

“It is wonderful working with a collections partner that understands the value of collecting funds while maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers. Finanza truly understands the importance of serving as a business partner, not just a vendor. Finanza can be relied upon to deliver a cost effective, practical solution presented in straightforward manner.”

Aalishan Syed

“With Finanza I am able to meet two of the top goals of any business; getting paid and keeping my clients.  They use a diplomatic approach, which both my clients and I appreciate. In addition, Finanza’s collection rate has far exceeded our expectations and the customer service has been excellent.”

Kevin Walbaum

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